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Why Exotic Holidays by CBTF?

Exotic Holidays has built its structure connection by connection around the world. With an increasing number of people joining our goal to make luxury tourism a possibility in the most desired travel destinations of the world. When it comes to providing quality and professionalism, Exotic Holidays provides an all round guarantee of a smooth trip with hassle free traveling and passage to heavenly holiday destinations. With an innovative system of all-round packages, we ensure that all trips are made comfortable and luxurious not only in Dubai but around the world.
We’re adept at serving all kinds of guests from business conference attendees to wedding guests and from private yacht parties to secret island stays, we excel at providing unforgettable experiences for all our patrons.

About Us

Exotic Holidays by CBTF is a destination tourism and event managing company. Based primarily out of Dubai we function as a 360° travel event operator. Our aim is to turn every trip, whether it be business, leisure or occasional like a wedding, into a exotic destination holiday for all our customers. We are adamantly ready to take care of every requirement of the traveler, be it a private party on a beach, a business meeting on a yacht or a wedding party in the sky with close ones. Our constantly connected staff aim to make all stay and tourism luxurious and worth the time and money.

Passionate Service

We’re heartfelt with you making memories around the world.

Best Price Guarantee

Luxurious destinations without the worries of a large bill.

Handpicked Deals

Personally scouring & choosing only the best spots for your escapisms.

Detailed Descriptions

Travelling made transparent with detailed plans & communication

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No need to worry about app crashes and hackers when booking your holidays.