Our Vision

The only vision that CBTF aims on is to make the traveler have excellent experiences around the world, while keeping all official processes in control for a smooth transfer and traveling time.

Our Mission

Making holidays unforgettable
Organizing magnificent destination events
Coming up with the best packages
Keep internal processes smooth

Our Values

Traveler satisfaction
Strong teamwork
Humility towards all needs
Improvement in services
Mutual respect

We Help You Planning Your Journey

Exotic Holidays by CBTF is a destination tourism and event managing company. Based primarily out of Dubai we function as a 360° travel event operator. Our aim is to turn every trip, whether it be business, leisure or occasional like a wedding, into a exotic destination holiday for all our customers. We are adamantly ready to take care of every requirement of the traveler, be it a private party on a beach, a business meeting on a yacht or a wedding party in the sky with close ones. Our constantly connected staff aim to make all stay and tourism luxurious and worth the time and money.

Why Exotic Holidays by CBTF?

Exotic Holidays has built its structure connection by connection around the world. With an increasing number of people joining our goal to make luxury tourism a possibility in the most desired travel destinations of the world. When it comes to providing quality and professionalism, Exotic Holidays provides an all round guarantee of a smooth trip with hassle free traveling and passage to heavenly holiday destinations. With an innovative system of all-round packages, we ensure that all trips are made comfortable and luxurious not only in Dubai but around the world.
We’re adept at serving all kinds of guests from business conference attendees to wedding guests and from private yacht parties to secret island stays, we excel at providing unforgettable experiences for all our patrons.

Our Outreach

We’re experts at handling destination business trips, birthdays and weddings for tourists in many great points on the globe. We provide all round travel facilitation including VISA on arrival, tourist trip management, on ground customer support and readily available inland transportation. Even though we’re operating out of Dubai, we’re ready for service to tourists and travelers from many countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and even Canada. We have streamlined travel destination experts and facilitators around the world. From Thailand to Bali, from Dubai to Azerbaijan Baku, and from Georgia to France through Venice, we’re ready with our excellent trip management team for your exotic vacations and luxurious business events.

Our Strength

– Direct Booking System with on spot inventory check and dynamic packages for all sorts of small and large traveling groups.
– Unmatched collection of hotel, travel and exotic experience services
– Dedicated servicing partners available for all celebration, business and event types.
– Easy and smooth visa application and approval system around the globe
– Large fleet of luxury, big and small vehicles, chartered planes, yachts for all traveling and party needs.
– Experts around the world for excursions, guided tours, special attraction visits and exploration guides for multiple continents.

Our Philosophy

Exotic Holidays by CBTF lives by satisfactory travel privileges in Dubai and aims to provide the same luxury and comfort of traveling and adventurous experiences. The driving force of Exotic Holidays by CBTF is the will to make traveling and tourism streamlined for avid adventurers and tourists. To bring out the essence of the destination what keeps us working round the clock for a million smiles moving around the world.

Our Methodology

The No. 1 priority for us is the client that we serve. Being the best at providing luxury while exploring the world is the most important part of our company. We make sure that clients are provided with all needs and smooth trip success without the thought of being in a foreign country. We are spread across the globe with various packages and theme holidays and destination events with our ready to receive staff.

Our Forte

Wide expansion of services around the globe with experienced service providers as partners
Our Multilingual Staff, so that you don’t have to learn the language of the country to get around.
Excellent network of hotels, travel partners and private event organizers
Streamlined Internal Processes to make VISA processing, ticketing and currency exchange smooth.
Exclusive Trip Packages that cover a wide range of requirements like, yacht parties, Chartered plane parties, luxurious business conferences and meeting, Destination weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.